Marktech Expands Product Portfolio with New High-Power LED Emitters
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Marktech Expands Product Portfolio with New High-Power LED Emitters

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Marktech Optoelectronics, a leading supplier of visible and infrared LED sensor products, recently introduced the latest in their series of high power, 950nm LED emitters with typical power output up to 25 mW.

New high- power LED emitters from Marktech. (Marktech/LEDinside)

Optimized for optical switches and sensors, the MTE9460 series is available in six standard packages with varying viewing angles and power outputs.

"This LED series yields superior results in critical sensing and scanning applications," noted Vince Forte, chief technology officer at Marktech. "And our precision die placement ensures the highest quality and reliability, as well as extreme accuracy in high-speed applications."

There are numerous real-world applications for Marktech's 950 nm LED technology, Forte explained. "As an example, many night vision and surveillance/security cameras use IR LEDs to illuminate an area, making it visible in total darkness. These higher power LEDs allow a greater area to be illuminated and create clearer pictures."

Another use for LED emitters is machine vision systems. "Faster testing speeds and higher resolution analysis is a continual requirement for machine vision systems," said Forte. "The higher output signal and low noise level of our 950 nm LEDs ensures a more accurate reading."

Available packages for 950 nm LED emitters include:

  • Miniature ceramic packages: MTE9460MC and MTE9460CP

  • Plastic SMD: MTE9460MT

  • TO-18 metal can: MTE9460WC

  • Plastic domed and flat top: MTE9460N1 and MTE9460N2

All six product types featured in the MTE 9460 series are available through Digi-Key.

Marktech also offers an extensive LED sensor product lineup targeted at industrial markets, specializing in high-accuracy applications. The MTE9460 series die, which utilizes the latest chip technology to achieve these high-power readings, can be configured into a number of TO can and lens standard options based upon application needs. In addition, Marktech can offer a variety of COB or custom array packaging.


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