Hello Come together!

“Artemide sets light free” today with Come together like in 1999 with Sui.

The new portable lamp designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua brings a perfect light wherever you go. Iconic and cable free, with more than 16/8/4 hours of autonomy, Come together is an example of innovation and beauty.
Not only a unique design, but a highly efficient optical device that is shaped, like an instrument, to carry and distribute light. A human centred project, a new 2.0 revolution.


Artemide sets light free.
A new 2.0 revolution.
3 light performances
  • 1,2 W - 400 lx - 16 hours battery life
  • 2,4 W - 700 lx - 8 hours battery life
  • 3,6 W - 1000 lx - 4 hours battery life
Very high efficiency 85%
USB-C Port
Li-Po rechargeable battery
3 hours fast charge
Smart Portability
A cable-free light.
A light that follows you everywhere.
A light for any kind of situation.
Come together is ready to enhance your day with three stunning finishes.
Not only an iconic object but another example of Artemide know-how and innovative research.
Innovative technology.
Revolutionary optical study.
The body is a transparent optical device with gradients to carry and distribute light.
Human centred project.
Transparent optical PMMA
Techno-polymer internal shell
ø100 mm x 269 mm
Total Power
3,6 W
Delivered Luminous Flux
360 lm
3000 K80
CCT3000 K

Sui 1999
“18 portable and rechargeable LEDs.
It’s a revolution.”
Come together 2018
“A perfect light and up to 16 hours of operation without mains power.
A new 2.0 revolution.”
Come together
Carlotta de Bevilacqua